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Please note: The workbooks are being put in my nearest letter box once a day during allowed daily exercise so are being sent without any extra transmission effects. Stay well and safe everyone.

‘Zebras Spell Really Well’ Phonics and Spelling Rules 

Is an A4 sized ring bound copiable spelling and reading programme for dyslexic children that has evolved over time and now consists of 101 worksheets that gradually work through the early spelling rules, keeping the learner reading, spelling and writing sentences along the way. 

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‘Times Tables? It’s a Doddle!’ 

Is a saddle stitched workbook that gradually teaches the learner the times tables up to the 12 times table, avoiding rote learning as children with dyslexia may have a weak working memory. This is a real case of ‘necessity being the mother of invention’! 

£15.75 inc P&P

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‘Times Tables and Fractions? It’s a walk in the park!

This ring bound work book consists of 60 copiable worksheets, followed by 7 pages of flashcard templates of fraction sums, to enhance multi-sensory learning.

£19.50 inc P&P

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