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Dyslexia Workbooks by Sarah Cowell

Sarah Cowell has been busy on the book front! So 2018 is bringing with it 2 new products. ‘Spelling Double Vowels? It’s a Breeze’ is an A4 sized ring bound book, with 60 worksheets, covering most high frequency double vowel sounds. It is printed on cream coloured paper and is intended to be used by parents at home with their children or tutors with pupils. It is an updated version of ‘How to Read and Spell Words with Double Vowel Sounds’ which was first published four years ago. Children love to have their own workbooks and this book has a place for each child to write their name on the inside cover, it’s very tactile and engaging. It is available as of February 1st or sooner, watch this space.

We now also have available our first Maths book, TIMES TABLES? It’s a doddle’ which is in exercise book format with a lovely soft touch cover. The first parent who saw a trial copy just prior to Christmas, loved it, which was and is very encouraging!

Now available from the Oxford branch