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About the Workbooks

The four workbooks are designed to support children and teenagers assimilation of spelling and reading skills and also the times tables and now fractions. All the books have evolved as a result of my work tutoring children and teenagers over the past 19 years. It has been great to see the positive response to ‘Times Tables? It’s a doddle!’ which I decided to write because children with Dyslexia, often have a weak working memory and grimace at the mere thought of going near to anything to do with the times tables, the book tackles this head on! I have just added a new workbook,’ Times Tables and Fractions? It’s a walk in the park!’ which incorporates the Times Table book and also includes a section devoted to teaching students how to work with fractions, with added flashcards of fraction sums to support multi-sensory teaching. Details about each book are available below and full reviews of all the first three workbooks are in the reviews section of the site. The fraction book is so new, it has not been officially reviewed yet, but the students who have been given pre-publication copies, have all given it a thumbs up, so that’s a relief…

Children’s views of the workbooks

After an assessment I showed Ella, ‘Zebras Spell Really Well’ and suggested that I could copy some of the sheets for her to take home and her response was, ‘Could you photocopy the whole book, please?’

Lily (11yrs old) feels that the worksheets are good because she is developing her vocabulary as she works through the spellings and the activities and as she has struggled with comprehension since being at school, this is really helpful to her.

Mothers’ comments

One mother’s very welcome emailed response to ‘Times Tables? It’s a doddle’

‘It was lovely to find a work book for my 13 year old son that he’s actually engaged with without any fuss or emotional breakdowns.’

And another mother whose 12 year old son is severely dyslexic and has just been given an Educational Health Care Plan as a result, and has started to work through, ‘Zebras Spell Really Well, Phonics and Spelling Rules, kindly rang me up after a couple of sessions and said, ‘He ran up to his father waving his file with the worksheets in it saying, ‘Look what I’ve written,’ and she went on to say that this had never happened before.

Teacher’s comments

‘Personally I think the books will prove to be a valuable resource for classroom teachers, teaching assistants, school SENCOs and specialist tutors. A wide range and wealth of activities that are supported by pictures, and plenty of copiable pages, means that they can be easily used to support learning and encourage independence.’ Sarah Bantick, writing in the Patoss Bulletin, winter, 2018. To read an article titled ‘The Science behind the Books’, click here, it’s in my Blog.


The workbooks are available to purchase directly from this website, and through Amazon.