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“A wide range and wealth of activities supported by pictures and plenty of copiable pages means that they can be used to support learning and encourage independence.” – Sarah Bantick, teacher and specialist tutor

Shipping Costs

We are very pleased to receive orders from across the world. We have tried to keep the shipping costs as low as possible. Our fee to ship each workbook to Europe is an extra £3.00 for Maths books and £5.00 for spelling books, and an extra £6.00 for Maths books and £9.00 for Spelling books to ship to the rest of the world. This is on top of the inclusive prices for UK customers, quoted below.

Please note, this is the sole place to buy the workbooks. We are keeping books sales strictly in house going forward, so that we can maintain reasonable prices.

  • If you are living in the UK please use our shop to buy the workbooks and feel free to send any queries you may have to and we will answer your query as soon as possible, usually immediately, if it’s in working hours.
  • If you wish to buy one of more of the workbooks and you are living in Europe or the rest of the world outside the UK, please email, and we will get back to you straight away and email you an invoice, and on receipt of payment we will post the books off to you that day or the next day if it is after 3pm, British time when the order is placed.
  • We have sent the workbooks all over the world to all the countries in the UK, and also , Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan the USA, Canada and India and it is wonderful to imagine all the children in these distant countries working through the same worksheets and sharing the same experience and hopefully all enjoying it and developing their literacy and numeracy skills at the same time.

‘Zebras Spell Really Well’ Phonics and Spelling Rules 

Is an A4 sized ring bound copiable spelling and reading programme for dyslexic children that has evolved over time and now consists of 101 worksheets that gradually work through the early spelling rules, keeping the learner reading, spelling and writing sentences along the way. 

£24.50 Inc UK P&P

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Zebras Spell Really Well 2: Focus on Common Double Vowels

Is an A4 sized ring bound copiable spelling and reading programme for dyslexic children. It consists of 90 worksheets that focus on the many combinations of double vowels that make up words. Different double vowels can make the same sound which in turn creates homophones which are words that make the same sound but are spelt differently. The workbook includes, on top of the worksheets, 90 flashcard templates of homophones to enhance learning, alongside a separate homophone test. Suited to children from 9 years through to secondary school aged children.

£24.50 Inc UK P&P

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‘Times Tables? It’s a Doddle!’ 

Is a saddle stitched workbook that gradually teaches the learner the times tables up to the 12 times table, avoiding rote learning as children with dyslexia may have a weak working memory. This is a real case of ‘necessity being the mother of invention’! 

£15.75 inc UK P&P

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Some children and teenagers struggle to recall the steps involved in fraction sums. The workbook
aims to gradually develop the learner’s understanding of why the integral steps involved exist so
that they can tackle fraction problems with confidence.

£16.50 inc UK P&P

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