Spelling Words with Double Vowels – It’s a breeze


Double Vowel Spelling Dyslexia Workbook

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  • 54 pages of A4 worksheets on good quality ivory paper to inhibit glare.
  • Initial spelling test to highlight weak areas
  • Alphabet sounds and Vowel Names included in case this is not fully secure.
  • Includes most common double vowel sounds and separates homographs; for example: ‘ow’ sounding as ‘O’ as ‘I sat in the front row’ and ‘We had a terrible row’, ‘row’ sounding as ‘cow’.
  • Homophones discussed throughout; interactive questions supports immediate recognition that for, example the words, ‘blue and blew’ sound the same but are spelt differently.
  • Images of word groups included throughout to support multi-sensory learning.
  • Sentence fill-ins; the participant is given a list of the taught words and is tasked with selecting the correct word to write in a series of sentences, developing vocabulary and comprehension simultaneous to spelling accuracy.
  • Free writing encouraged throughout.

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