Spelling Words with Double Vowels – It’s a breeze


Dyslexia Double Vowel Spelling Workbook

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  • Ring bound
  • 64 pages of A4 worksheets on good quality cream paper to inhibit glare.
  • Initial spelling test to highlight weak areas
  • Alphabet sounds and Vowel Names included in case this is not fully secure.
  • Includes most common double vowel sounds and separates homographs; for example: ‘ow’ sounding as ‘O’ as ‘I sat in the front row’ and ‘We had a terrible row’, ‘row’ sounding as ‘cow’.
  • Homophones discussed throughout; interactive questions supports immediate recognition that for, example the words, ‘blue and blew’ sound the same but are spelt differently.
  • Images of word groups included throughout to support multi-sensory learning.
  • Sentence fill-ins; the participant is given a list of the taught words and is tasked with selecting the correct word to write in a series of sentences, developing vocabulary and comprehension simultaneous to spelling accuracy.
  • Free writing encouraged throughout.
  • 120 templates of small flashcards of words, double vowel sounds and images, to laminate and cut out and used to play Snap to enhance assimilation. The words may also be used individually to: look-say-turnover and write, which is a proven technique called ‘simultaneous oral spelling’.

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