Times Tables – It’s a doddle


Dyslexia Maths Workbook

  • A4 Exercise book on high quality ivory paper, 44 pages
  • Lots of imagery throughout to make the book as engaging as possible
  • Each times table up to the 12 times table taught including the zero times table, to highlight the fact that it equals zero throughout.
  • Odd and even numbers creating different answers explained and tested
  • Initial test highlights strengths and weaknesses and the reader’s assimilation of the facts is tested throughout the exercise book.
  • Number patterns in the answers to the times tables highlighted throughout.
  • Includes lowest common multiples, highest common factors, shape names and square numbers and square roots.
  • Includes a chart including all the times tables facts and a separate blank one that can be filled in by the learner as they assimilate more facts, in their chosen colours. Also includes a chart giving an example of how it can be used to highlight number patterns and simple maths formulas.


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