Programme 2


– ‘How to read and spell words with double vowel sounds’

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  • Initial thorough spelling test and homophone tests and word searches all help to assess competence and efficiently identify weak areas.
  • All common double vowel sounds included with the emphasis on placing images of words with the same letter groups together to enhance uptake. Competence tested via sentence fill – ins.
  • Gradually explores the variable truth of the maxim ‘if 2 vowels go out walking the first vowel does the talking.’
  • Includes simple double vowels such as ‘ee’ and ‘ay’ accessible for younger/ less able pupils and also covers trickier double vowels such as: medial ‘ue’ and ‘ui’ and ‘ou +r’ as in ‘ranc¬†our.
  • Useful revisionary tool in preparation for Key Stage 2 exams or/and common entrance and as a remedial tool for older pupils.

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