Fractions workbook


Some children and teenagers struggle to recall the steps involved in fraction sums. The workbook
aims to gradually develop the learner’s understanding of why the integral steps involved exist so
that they can tackle fraction problems with confidence.

  • 45 worksheets
  • A4 sized stapled workbook printed on to high quality ivory paper to eliminate glare.
  • Copiable for repeated use
  • Includes explanations of the relevant terminology: numerators, denominators, simplifying fractions, equivalent fractions, common denominators and highest common factors,
    improper fractions and mixed numbers
  • Each aspect is exemplified, explained and tested
  • Includes a quiz that can be used initially to highlight weak areas, or/and afterwards to check assimilation
  • Includes fractions of time, a quarter past, a quarter to etc. as many children wear digital watches because they do not understand analogue time
  • Real life, contextualised problems included
  • Worked out answers included

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