Sarah Cowell Dip SpLD, SpLD APC

Dyslexia Assessor, Tutor and Writer




Individual Tuition

We discuss and I teach the use of grammar, and punctuation and I try to encourage the use of cursive script as early as possible to ease fluid processing.


With a range of assessments to fulfill your need. Ranging from DSA assessments to Diagnostics assessments.

Research – SEND

This study discusses the neurological differences that underlie Dyslexia and the most effective ways of assessing the effects of Dyslexia.

Books Available

We have a range of books available for Dyslexia right here on our online store.

‘I learn spellings by memorising the look of the whole word because I find separating the letters sounds into syllables very difficult.’

Annabelleaged 14

‘I feel so frustrated by having to do put so much more effort into my school work than my friends to achieve the same result’

Lottieaged 14

I find remembering letters hard; I can work with numbers better because their names are words not sounds.’

Finn aged 9