Short  Initial Consulation/Assessment

If you are very unsure as to whether you, or your son or daughter, is Dyslexic or would just appreciate a ‘steer’ then a shorter but directed assessment is a good idea. I will spend an hour and use the first 45 minutes to administer different tests. During the last 15 minutes we will discuss the outcome. A colour overlay test will be administered at the outset. I am very happy to offer advice about schooling.

This assessment can be extended to a full assessment on the day if the initial results are positive and the cost will be deducted from the overall fee.

Fee: £85

DSA Assessment

Students being assessed for a Disability Support Allowance will be given a very comprehensive set of assessments using all the latest editions of listed tests required to fulfil current regulations. The report will be sent within 3 weeks.

Fee: Between £375 and £425

Individuals arrive with a developmental history unique to themselves and the complexity of this will determine the amount of tests needed to ensure all their needs are covered in the assessment beyond basic test requirements, so that they receive the best support during their time in higher education.

Access Arrangements

An ‘Access Arrangement’ is the name given to a special arrangement such as 25% extra time awarded to a student sitting a public examination, due to the person struggling with one or more specific learning difficulty which will impede their ability to assimilate text or provide written answers. The report will be sent within 10 – 14 days.

Fee: £295

These reports have to be written for students taking their GCSEs or GCSEs, within a specified period, which may change slightly with each new set of exam regulations.

Diagnostic Assessment

These are the majority of the assessments I carry out. The assessment will take approximately 3 to 3.5 hours and I will discuss the overall result profile on the day. The written report will usually be sent 14 days later, the outside period being 21 days.

These assessments are designed to cover all the underlying factors that affect the individual’s ability to assimilate and process words and numbers. This therefore includes assessment of the participant’s visual motor integration alongside phonological processing tests, working memory tests, attainment tests in reading, writing and numeracy and innate ability tests.

Fee: £425 – £450

Affiliations and Qualifications

Initially with your enquiry and a personal response will follow on the same day. We can then arrange a phone call to discuss which of the options below will suit you best.


Listed assessor and associate member of SASC since 2006. SASC is the ‘SpLD Assessment Standards Committee’ which was set up by the DfES in 2005 to oversee Standards of Assessments of Specific Learning Disabilities in an educational setting.

British Dyslexia Association

Listed assessor and tutor at both the Oxford and Gloucestershire branches of the British Dyslexia Association.


Listed assessor and tutor at ‘patoss’ which is the acronym for the ‘professional association of teachers of students with specific learning disabilities.’


Holder of an ‘SpLD APC’ award since 2006 which is an ‘Assessment Practising Certificate’ for assessing Specific Learning Difficulties in an educational setting.

Dip SpLD

Holder of a ‘Dip SpLD’ awarded by The Hornsby International Dyslexia Centre in 2001 which enables me to tutor people of all ages struggling with Dyslexia.




Dyspraxia Foundation

Professional Member of the Dyspraxia Foundation
‘Dyspraxia’ may be described as ‘DCD’ which is the short form of ‘Developmental Co-ordination Disorder’.

Associate Member of the APA

Associate member of; APA, American Psychological Association

DSA assessment, mother’s comments:

‘Thank you very much for the report. I really appreciate the thoroughness and the level of detail confirming _____ strengths, but also the challenges she has with literacy activities. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a level of detail provided in a report’.

Diagnostic Assessment, mother’s comments:

‘Wow, what a fantastic report!’

Diagnostic Assessment, mother’s comments:

‘The paediatrician was very impressed with your report.’.

‘I use the latest versions of all the assessment tools because they reflect the most recent research.’

Qualified Assessor and Tutor